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Glen Chabot Powerlifter

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Glen Chabot Uncensored
by Jake Jones

Glen Chabot Powerlifter

Glen Chabot has never been the quiet type. Never been a guy to bite his tongue instead of saying what's on his mind. A challenge went out. A bomb dropped on meet day. And a 722 bencher is seeing RED. We wanted to get the lowdown on Chabot and find out what's up with the Mass from Massachusetts. Here's what he had to say.


"I was discouraged for a few days, but at the same time I can't allow myself to think that way. I actually had a temp of 103 for 3 days following the show. I was getting sick, I thought it was just the nerves but I was just feeling sick and I went right back to the hotel and flew out 8:00AM the next morning that's how upset I was. When you throw around heavy weights like this all of the time, to tell you the truth, 605 would have felt heavy on that day. It's just the way your body works and if you are not on target, everything is going to feel heavy."

What happened?

"I basically over trained because I tore my pec in November and I tried to come back at less than 100%. I felt like I could pull off the win being 90% or so with a low 7. I almost got 735 in the gym, I've seen the video like 6 times now. I was about 2 inches from lockout, but I lost balance and that's when I pulled my pec."

"I can come up with excuses you know I lost, I lost but nobody beat my record and that's all that matters (laughs). I weighed in at 290, when I go to big shows like the Arnold my nerves are in my throat you know, but I'm right back - I'm 303 right now. When I won it in 2000, I was 296 four days prior to the show I weighed 277 at the show so I lost 18 pounds just by nerves. But that's how I get strong - fear and nerves. My coach, Ken Fantano, was looking at me backstage saying "You're turning pure white take it easy." I'm back there sweating bullets. So many people expected so much from me and I like being the showboat but sometimes shit happens...(laughs). My first bench meet was in 1989. I weighed 187 and benched 390. I've been doing it this long and I've lived and learned a lot of things and right now my body is just telling me to chill for a while. I'm really not hurt seriously thank God I didn't get hurt at the show. That's the biggest thing for me if I had gotten critically injured I'd be out for a year plus. Without a doubt I feel like I burned myself out because I was getting ready so hard when I really needed another 7-8 weeks to recuperate. If I would have had this extra time I would have been prime. But believe one thing, don't count me out brothers I've already gotten invited back. They knew I was hurt and figured I was not 100% so just told me to come back next year. They'd be foolish not to have me back. Even if they didn't invite me back I'd do a show right around February or March anyways."

Next Up

"I could do the Kieran Kidder meet in September but basically I don't think I'm ready. I could go in and do a low 7 but that's not ready for me I've already done a low 7 you know what I mean? I'm not going to keep going into shows doing 705 or 720 I want to destroy my previous mark. And this year I've got big news for these guys. I'm going to tell you, I have 11 months until the Arnold next year and I am going to be scoping it out while these guys are out partying and everything else. I'm very serious about what I do. It takes me 6-8 months to prep up for a show like the Arnold anyways. What I'm doing right now is just allowing the healing process to work. I have to, because I will be the cleanest 800-pound bencher there is. Some of these guys SAY that they are clean but I tell you, they are only clean when they are standing in the shower (laughs). I'll do 800 with no arch as strict as it gets no controversy."

Chabot on Chabot

"I'm my worst enemy, I hate myself for missing at the Arnold. Nobody could say anything compared to what I think in my own head, you know? People tell me, 'Don't worry about the show, lets just go out and drink.' I won't go out and party it up BECAUSE of the fact that I screwed up the only thing I'd be doing is creating a bigger hole for myself to come out of. You can't go out and party like a madman and bench 800 pounds next year and believe me, some of these guys do it all. I spoke with Eddy Coan and went out to dinner with him and Bill Kazmaier. They both told me that they thought I am the best bencher in the world. The cleanest and the strongest. I can go in on a good day with no shirt on and do 700 pounds."

Do or Die

"If I don't win the Arnold Classic next year I'll retire. If I don't win it hands down I will retire that's how sure I am that no one will beat me. If everything goes well if a car doesn't hit me, if I don't go down in a plane on the way all them mothers are going down. Point blank, these guys are done. I'm gonna come back like a f------ madman. The all-time world record in the 308's is 733 and that's what I will open up with and I'll take it from there. I think that's realistic. I can't see anyone beating me next year, I just can't. Why the extreme focus on the Arnold? One, because I have won it already and two, because no one has won it twice yet and I want to be the first two-time champ."

On Equipment

"This Crawford kid that did 750 supposedly? I want to see it. If he did 750 I can't believe he wasn't invited to the Arnold. I know Iron Island is legit I've competed there 4 to 5 times myself but the faces and names are always changing, I don't know who's running it now. But listen to this this is no bullshit, I spoke with Bill Crawford and he told me he can do 605 without a shirt on. I said "You're telling me that f------ shirt gives you 145 pounds?!?" I couldn't believe it. You know how much I get from my shirt? 25 maybe, 35 pounds at max. I wear a 2-ply INZER extra high performance poly shirt that shows you what kind of day I had at the Arnold. And I'm the only person in the world that wears a poly shirt benching over 7. I told all of the guys at Westside that I would give them $1,000 if they could beat me prior to the meet I had NO phone calls or response to my challenge. Those guys put up some crazy numbers and I do take my hat off to them. I just want to see what they can do when they take off the shirts."

The Comeback

"I'm trying to wind down some now and recoup but its tough when you're always in the gym. Being in the gym it's like an addiction. Its only been like 10 or 11 days now since the Arnold and I'm freaking out like 'I gotta get in the gym!' I'm giving myself 21 days and then I'll start very lightly and I wont go heavy for like another 8 weeks. I've gotta be realistic, I don't want to burn out right before the show. Next year is going to be the real deal it'll make up for everything I've done wrong. My bomb might have even been a good thing, I was kinda taking for granted being able to handle that much weight all the time because I know how strong I am. But now reality has hit and I just want to rest up and come back VICIOUS. You know what I want? I WANT people to think I'm out of the game, I WANT people to think "Oh Chabot's done, he hurt himself or he's not gonna train anymore." That's what I want people to think, and THEN when I come back they'll be flabbergasted. They're gonna be like "What the hell happened to him? Now he's 315 and he's a freak what the f--- is going on??" I do plan on being 315 next year and I can hold my weight pretty well, I'm not a slob. I get bloated like anyone else but not like some of these guys (laughs)."

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